How easy is it to access art supplies in Toronto?

The Baba Yaga Collective has no funding to provide art supplies. We do have a small storage room full of odds and ends left behind by previous artists. We recommend bringing all specific materials with you or sending them before your arrival. There are many art stores, supply shops in Toronto: Above Ground Art Supply, Curries, The Paper Place, Sculpture Supply Canada, Gesswein (Mississauga), LIFT (Liason of Independent FIlm Toronto), Creatroninc to name a few.

Do you have internet access?

Yes, there is unlimited wi-fi in the studio.

Which living expenses are artists responsible for? What is an average budget per month?

The residency fee covers your dedicated studio space. All other costs are the responsibility of the artist. All expenses are dependent on what kind of experience you are looking for. It is good to budget for trips around Toronto (or Ontario) via TTC (transit system), via bicycle or rent a vehicle through Zipcar, Autoshare or another car rental agency. For accommodation we recommend Airbnb.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Toronto has its own microclimate. The best attitude for Canada (in general) is to be prepared for anything. This means layers, and good basics for both warm and humid weather in the summer. And lots of layering and cold weather gear for a stay in the winter.

Do you offer residencies in the winter?

Baba Yaga Collective operates all year round. We accept applications for 1 month, beginning the 1st weekday of the month and ending the last day of the preferred month.

Are grants or any other financial assistance available?

The Baba Yaga Collective does not have a funding board or body attached to it. We do not offer scholarships or stipends to artists unless we have a program running for it. It is advised you seek funding in your own country. ALL AIRs will receive an acceptance letter which they may use towards grants, crowdfunding campaigns, or other funding sources. In Ontario artist might apply towards project grants and/or exhibition assistance through The Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Canada Arts Council and other regional granting bodies.

For all additional questions please take a look at our guidelines then email