Apply to become part of the Collective

The Baba Yaga Collective is currently accepting applications towards 2 memberships.
The Baba Yaga Collective Studio/Gallery is a 764 square foot space located at 906 Queen Street West, Toronto. Our collective membership has access to tools and equipment outside of our mainspace, an area where meetings can take place, a kitchen and a beautiful private garden area.

The Baba Yaga Collective space is dedicated to making, teaching, learning and thinking about the intersection between art and technology.
The vision for Baba Yaga Collective is to create space that promotes a four-step cycle of create, display, teach and inspire.

• Create a space that provides members with access to the right tools/facilities
• Display and promote student made projects
• Teach members and guests new skills through regular events/classes
• Inspire a community with the tools and knowledge they need to bring their projects to life.

The Baba Yaga Collective is a female-curated art platform with an all-inclusive focus on female, non-gender/gender-fluid work equally.

Please send over the following in pdf format:

• Artist CV
• Artist statement
• Link to website

• Why you would like to become part of the collective studio/gallery

• If interested in teaching, what would your proposed schedule look like?

Members receive:
24/7 access to the studio/gallery* & extra workshop spaces and amenity rooms.
Annual 2/wk solo exhibit
Participation in Collective group shows
Members receive 100% of their sales (no commisions or percentages are taken).

What does the Baba Yaga Collective expect of their members?

• Members are expected to sit the studio/gallery during scheduled business hours a total of 12 or more hours per month.
• Accepted members sign an agreement with the Baba Yaga Collective and Artscape.
• Members are expected to pay $375/mo utilities included.
• Members are expected to commit to the collective for 1 year.

Please email inquiries and/or your application to:

You will receive a response within a day or two.
Thank you!