The Baba Yaga Collective is female-curated art platform with an all-inclusive focus on female, non-gender/gender-fluid work equally.

As full-time artists and advocates for the arts, we come together to create and cultivate a range of artistic expression for all ages within our community, in order to support economic, cultural, and educational progression.

The Baba Yaga Collective space is dedicated to making, teaching, learning and thinking about the intersection between art and technology.
The vision for Baba Yaga Collective is to create space that promotes a four-step cycle of create, display, teach and inspire.
• Create a space that provides members with access to the right tools/facilities
• Display and promote student made projects
• Teach members and guests new skills through regular events/classes
• Inspire a community with the tools and knowledge they need to bring their projects to life
Baba Yaga Collective Space offers workshops and courses. These classes take place Monday through Thursday afternoons & evenings as well as weekend afternoons 12pm-6pm.
Open Studios Tuesdays 6pm – 10pm and Thursday evenings 6pm – 10pm
Open Studio invites not only students, and members to come into the studio and use the tools and equipment to work on projects, it also invites the public in to check out the studio space, and possibly work on a small project, get to know the members, meet former students, and learn about the space.
Every Tuesday evening the studio is publicly accessible to anyone who identifies as a member of the Women + LGBTQ community. The goal is to create a multi-disciplinary, inclusive, safe working environment where people can socialize and gain skills working with metal, electronics, glass, clay and printing.